Your sustainable, customizable corporate gifts, 100% made in Switzerland

This is our commitment, and we keep it. Since 2011, our team has been traveling throughout Switzerland to find hand-picked sustainable products and objects.

Our mission ? Revisit the gift experience thanks to lifestyle and eco-responsible boxes of incomparable quality, to the delight of your employees, your partners, your loved ones and... yourself!

With SWISS GIFT SELECTION, you give meaning to the gesture of giving, while reflecting your image and promoting your commitments.

Let's create your personalized gifts together

Can't find the words? Say it with a gift box!

Compose your box yourself by selecting the type of packaging, the product line (Tasty, Discovery, Prestige, etc.) then the local products and handicrafts of your choice .

The touch that touches: from 20 pieces ordered, you make your corporate gift to measure and in your colors. This is the effect

Up to you!


From the intention to the unwrapping, each gift is a new appointment. To make your surprise a success , we leave nothing to chance.
Because every gesture counts: yours as well as ours.

Go behind the scenes

100% local

Reliability is in the details.

Local, sustainable and authentic: we work closely with the best Swiss artisans and producers to bring you the best Switzerland has to offer.


For a gift as unique as its recipient.

Whatever your desires, your objectives or your budget, your boxes are available indefinitely: their look and content are 100% customizable.

Service from A to Z

Our priority? Your satisfaction.

From briefing to group or individual delivery, in Switzerland or abroad, we take care of everything and you benefit from a fast and quality service.