Le geste qui compte

Le cadeau, c’est un moment à part. Et lorsqu’il rime avec durable, cette expérience prend un sens nouveau, et un peu plus de magie encore. Que ce soit pour un cadeau d’affaires ou pour chérir une personne qui compte pour vous, la même passion nous anime: celle de donner vie à nos engagements.

The meeting of passion and expertise

Our motto: authenticity . At each step, attention to detail is omnipresent and reflects our commitment to a quality gift, combined with a personal touch that makes all the difference.

The very close, it brings closer

We promote local know-how by selecting products developed and manufactured close to your home, in Switzerland. A work in short circuit in an eco-responsible perspective.

In sustainable mode

Quality, ethics, short circuit, social work… So many words whose true value resonates with us. This is why we act for a more sustainable world, support social work and favor the local economy. For example, 100% of our boxes are made in Swiss social institutions.

Smiles from A to Z

Customer satisfaction is our priority. Make your life easier by working with a supplier who is committed and listens to you. From briefing to group or individual delivery, in Switzerland or abroad, we take care of everything and you benefit from a fast and quality service.

Pionniers depuis 2011

Pionniers depuis 2011 Swiss Gift Selection SA est une société pionnière spécialisée dans les coffrets cadeaux personnalisés de qualité 100% swiss made pour les entreprises et les particuliers. Notre entreprise à taille humaine est basée à Châtel-Saint-Denis (Fribourg) et active dans toute la Suisse. Notre objectif: déclencher des sourires sur les visages de celles et ceux qui offrent ou reçoivent nos cadeaux.

2011: Hervé fonde la société Swiss Wine Selection SA, société spécialisée en cadeaux d’affaires autour des vins et des produits du terroir suisse.

2017: Arrivée de Delphine, la première personne à qui vous aurez affaire si vous faites une demande en ligne. Elle saura vous aiguiller avec adresse sur nos différentes offres!

2021: Hervé co-fonde la société Swiss Eco Gift Sàrl, dans le but d’étendre l’offre en cadeaux d’affaires aux objets personnalisés et à l’artisanat suisse.

2022: Anne-Lise rejoint l'équipe pour seconder Hervé dans la création d'offres cadeaux mais aussi la logistique et la communication de la marque.

2023: Swiss Wine Selection SA change de nom (et de peau) suite à l’acquisition de Swiss Eco Gift Sàrl. C’est la naissance de Swiss Gift Selection SA. Le but? Obtenir une meilleure compréhension de la part de ses clients et prospects et affirmer sa place sur le marché. Swiss Gift Selection SA est composée d’une petite équipe de 3 personnes passionnées par le savoir-faire local, le service-clients et la créativité et épaulée par plusieurs institutions sociales pour la confection de l’intégralité des coffrets cadeaux

Hervé Badan

Founder and Director

Hervé is passionate about human relations which he places at the heart of his business. What makes him tick is the “pleasure of pleasing”, whether with his clients, his partners or his colleagues....

It is undoubtedly his studies at the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne which are at the origin of this quest for excellence in service, and also his passion for wines and local products. And above all, it is the people behind the products who inspire this “epicurean-curious”. Hervé likes to travel around Switzerland to meet his partners, with the sole aim of unearthing the hidden treasures of our Swiss region.

His extensive expertise in the field of wine and local products has earned him the privilege of becoming a judge in several national and international competitions.

With his customers, Hervé is keen to understand their real needs in order to offer them THE gift that will make the difference.

Since the creation of the company, Hervé has wanted to collaborate with social institutions for the packaging of gift boxes. This approach is at the heart of the Swiss Gift Selection approach.

Also holding a federal marketing technician certificate, Hervé combines creativity and responsiveness. Always active, he shares his passion by teaching marketing at Changins, a nationally recognized skills center for training in the vineyard and wine professions.

What excites me about my job

I have been lucky enough to make a living from my passion since the creation of the company in 2011! What nourishes me are human relationships. My customers, most of whom have been loyal for years, have become friends because we share the same values. That has no price !

The ingredients for a good gift

We make a point of listening to our customers and asking them the right questions in order to offer them a tailor-made gift that will spark smiles. We must also be responsive and solution-oriented in order to live up to our promise. I love saying “there are no problems, only solutions!”.

Describe your best gift experience

What I like best about my job is when my clients spontaneously give me feedback about their own clients receiving their gift, without me asking them. It's so gratifying that it pushes us to always find new ideas to continue to amaze our customers, and our customers' customers :-)


Anne-Lise Soussan

Project Manager

Foodie, epicurean and great wine lover, Anne-Lise Soussan seemed destined to join the Swiss Gift Selection team. His professional career, punctuated by varied and enriching experiences, bears witness to this....

A graduate of a prestigious business school in Paris, she gained experience in the field of logistics by joining the Richemont group, where she worked for ten years for renowned brands such as Cartier and Baume et Mercier. Subsequently, she ventured into real estate as a broker, which allowed her to diversify her skills and explore new professional opportunities.

Endowed with boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm, Anne-Lise didn't stop there. She embraced two exciting entrepreneurial adventures: in 2004, she became a creator of tailor-made invitations with the Fondation de l'Art et la Matière, then in 2017, she launched Wonder Cocotte, an online store offering dedicated surprise gift boxes. Women's.

Her creativity is combined with a structured and conscientious approach, which makes her a complete and dedicated professional. Today, she enthusiastically shares her expertise and experience, thus contributing to the development and promotion of Swiss Gift Selection's activities.

In this new adventure, Anne-Lise puts to good use her passion for wines, her pleasure of giving and her keen sense of excellence. Its commitment is driven by the desire to introduce the treasures of the Swiss region to a public eager for discoveries and authentic experiences.

What excites me about my job

It is a permanent renewal. Each project is different, each client challenges us to find a gift that reflects their image. This leads us to discover again and again rare pearls, incredible artisans and above all gives us immense satisfaction when we see that we are right and that thanks to us, they offer a little piece of happiness.

The ingredients for a good gift

Listen! If we want to find the right gift, we must know how to listen and understand the needs and expectations of our interlocutors. If the dialogue is good, we will always find a solution to design the perfect gift for them.

Describe your best gift experience

My fondest memory is a small, foldable and durable travel bag branded for the launch of a new product. For what ? Because it still accompanies me today, 15 years later, and reminds me with joy and pride that I contributed to the creation of this new line.


Delphine Béroud-Comte

Sales Manager

Passionate about exchange and sharing, Delphine Béroud-Comte began her studies in the beautiful region of Grenoble, in France, which she then continued in London for almost 2 years. Today, she plays an essential role within Swiss Gift Selection, responding enthusiastically to all your requests for business gifts. If you had the pleasure of speaking with her by telephone as a business client, you were able to see her dynamism and passion at work....

Delphine joined the Swiss Gift Selection team because she was convinced by Hervé's approach to work and the quality of the products he offers. She shares her professionalism and her constant concern for customer satisfaction.

An epicurean at heart, Delphine is always driven by her gourmet curiosity. She loves exploring new combinations of local products and is delighted every day to be able to offer you tailor-made offers, perfectly in line with your expectations, and even to “disappoint you in a good way”, as we say at home. But what fulfills her most in her role is the opportunity to build quality relationships with each client. For Delphine, it's not just about business transactions, but about authentic connections that are created over time.

Outside of her work, Delphine has always had a keen interest in volunteering and social engagement. This allowed him to contribute modestly to causes that are close to his heart: childhood, integration and the environment. Delphine is a friendly woman who cherishes moments of sharing. She particularly enjoys relaxing around a good glass of wine in the company of friends in the spontaneity of the moment. For her, opening a bottle is much more than a simple gesture, it is an invitation to celebrate life and the present moment.

What excites me about my job

What excites me is finding creative solutions to satisfy my customers, remaining open to developments, and following and understanding changes in consumption patterns.

I like to show empathy by identifying the emotional needs of my clients while respecting their constraints.

Persevering and showing tenacity to overcome obstacles are my leitmotifs.

And finally, receiving positive experiences from my clients, seeing them come back and recommend me represents for me great recognition of my work.

The ingredients for a good gift

For me, a good gift is based on a balance of key ingredients:

  • Quality: opt for quality, local, artisanal products. By choosing products that have an identity and a story to tell, you will transmit emotions, values ​​and heritage.
  • Personalization: adding a personal touch like a greeting card or an engraving will make your gift more meaningful.
  • A beautiful presentation: careful and aesthetic packaging will be the first mark of intention of your gift and will enhance its contents.
  • Surprise: original, innovative or exclusive products will arouse curiosity and a wow effect when you receive your gift.
  • Relevance: the gift must correspond to the interests, hobbies or needs of the person. A practical, useful and meaningful gift will have an immediate and daily impact.

By combining these elements, you can create a memorable and meaningful gift for the person you are giving it to

Describe your best gift experience

When I returned to the office after my maternity leave, my colleagues had prepared a moving surprise for me. They had decorated my workspace with welcome messages. They offered me a relaxation box including scented candles, essential oils and a meditation cushion, explaining to me that it was to help me find moments of calm and relaxation, both at work and at home. .

They had also prepared a collaborative table where each had written a personal anecdote about being a young parent or given a tip for balancing professional and family life. It was an incredibly thoughtful gift that helped me smoothly reintegrate into the professional world



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