Swiss business leaders: why offer Swiss wine to your business contacts?

Offering wine to thank or build loyalty among your customers, employees or even your partners comes from a tradition perpetuated since the dawn of time! Who has never received a bottle of Champagne to celebrate a big contract or even a Grand Cru de Bordeaux for their jubilee within the company? But what about Swiss wine?


Did you know that Swiss wine has been described as “Switzerland’s best kept secret” for several years? This expression, coupled with the multiple awards for our wines in international competitions, demonstrates that their quality no longer needs to be proven. As a Swiss business leader advocating quality and local know-how , offering products with the same values ​​takes on its full meaning.


Popular awareness of “eating and drinking local” has undeniably accelerated in recent times, which is an opportunity for Swiss producers. When you offer wine, your customers or colleagues are sensitive to your local roots. You therefore become an ambassador for Swiss wine because you allow other people to discover it.


As Swiss, we are accustomed to our local wine; who has never tasted a bottle from the local winemaker? But did you know that all cantons produce wine? With our approximately 1,500 producers and more than 240 grape varieties, we can assure you, it is still possible to be original, even among the most knowledgeable among you. With our gift boxes around Swiss wines and local products , we guarantee a total surprise.


When you offer a customer gift, you also want transmit your values in the choice of the origin of the wine and the quality of it, but you also want it to be personalized to your image so that your customer remembers you when they taste it. We are committed to offering lifestyle gift boxes, very original and customizable in the image of your company or your brand .


No matter the period or occasion on which you offer a business gift, you want it to make an impact, to be remembered, and for the recipient to understand that it is important and that you worked hard to put together an original gift for him. That’s good, that’s also our goal! With our wide range of fully customizable business gifts based around Swiss wines and local products , we adapt to all budgets and all requirements.

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