A Chinese proverb says that the best way to touch someone's heart is through their stomach. Good news: this is also valid in Switzerland! Combine indulgence with playful, local and gourmet touches.

Your personalized box from CHF 59.00 excluding VAT (from 20 pieces, plus shipping costs, discounts depending on quantity)

Examples of personalized gift boxes

From marking your logo on the box, through the greeting card and finally the content, everything is customizable to your image!


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varied ranges

You will find what you are looking for to share, for every occasion and every budget.

professional service

A business that runs smoothly: appreciate our service personalized, supported by a team on a human scale.

100% local

Unearth a nugget to discover among the treasures of our selection of hand-picked Swiss artisans.

Sustainability objective

The eco-responsible boxes are made in Swiss social institutions.

Retail is retail

Personalize the packaging with the image of your company or brand (from 20 pieces).

3, 2, 1, it's delivered!

We ensure centralized delivery or directly to your customers, in Switzerland and abroad.

Faites (vous) plaisir!

Ici tout est affaire de plaisir. Le plaisir qu’ont nos producteurs à créer ces produits et objets locaux et durables, le nôtre à en faire des coffrets cadeaux personnalisés, et le vôtre à les offrir, pour le plus grand bonheur de leurs destinataires!

    You also have the option of ordering your TASTY gift box from our online store with a personalized message, which will be printed on a pretty A5 greeting card.
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