For a fruity and sun-drenched gift.

The apricot is rich in fiber and vitamins, low in calories… but that's not why we love it! The apricot makes us crack and revives gourmet memories, just like this box with flavors from here.

In this box:

  • Apricot liqueur 25 cl - certified Valais Brand, 100% Valaisan, Product (VS)
  • Hérens Beef Terrine & Abricotine 150 gr, Chez Denis, Corbières (FR)
  • Grand Cru dark chocolate bar with pieces of dried apricots 140 gr, Absolument Chocolat, Gland (VD)
  • Straw - 30 g
  • SGS Compliments Card (Olbis)

    🌿 The contents of the box are packaged in Roda Small packaging with a personalized CIS sticker and Bourquin postal overpack.

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